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Mogios Gourmet Pizza

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011
Mr.Mo, owner of Mogios Gourmet Pizza

Mr. Mo owns Mogio's Gourmet Pizza

My name is Mo and my business is Mogios Gourmet Pizza in Murphy, Texas.

About my business

This business is established since 2006. This is our 5th year in business. We are doing very well. We have a great community which is very supportive of this great business. I am in pizza business for quite sometime. My dream came to reality through this pizza place that provides a nice upscale dining atmosphere, cozy dining room, wonderful upgraded recipes, and fresh ingredients.  There are  really great things happening in this small restaurant for this community.

Please take a tour

Mogios Restaurant

Mogios Restaurant

Mogios Restaurant

Mogios Food

What is special about my business?

The prices are right and they are not expensive considering what we do with ingredients. We use fresh ingredients of high quality. It costs us a little bit more but the customers do appreciate that and they see that in the taste of their product.  Needless to say it is very good and healthy products we use. On top of that we offer right now the wheat crust with low carb and we offer for people with digestive problems gluten free crust and we even went ahead and added some items for people who eat kosher products.

Why should people come and eat here?

Murphy is a very diversified community. We really satisfy everybody’s taste and budget right now in this small pizza place. It is a very cozy place and very beautiful. When you walk in it is not like a pizzaria place, it is like a nice dining room where you order at the counter and you sit down and relax with a nice hot pizza. It is a very casual dining place. Whether you are ready or not, you can always have Mogios. You can have lunch with great varieties, and have a great dinner as well. Every month we introduce a new kind of pizza of the month. We have such wonderful and tasty products in a great place, you come and visit once you will be hooked. It is nothing like any other pizza. That is why we are here. We have great comments and feedback from our customers. The prices are right, the product is perfect and the service is wonderful . You enter as a stranger and leave as a great friend. That is how it is around here.

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